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TAC4 Team Handbook

Uniforms, Gear, and Gun Guide


    Hello and welcome to the TAC4 Russian airsoft team website.  We are the biggest Soviet/Federation airsoft team in the state of Utah.  If you are interested in anything to do with the Russian armed forces, interested in joining a semi-formal group dedicated to both having fun and running scenario games, or are looking for a team to get involved with outside of just playing airsoft, then you have come to the right place.

    However, the first thing to consider is if this is the right team for you.  TAC4 Russia’s first priority is to have fun, and while we are a very flexible team, there are key elements that form the basis of our group.  First and foremost, this is a 100% Russian airsoft team.  We are not US Special Forces embedded with the Russians, we aren't Contractors fighting in Bosnia, this isn’t the place for Tacticool Super Oo-Rah Special Forces soldiers.*  Our team is dedicated to replicating military forces from both the USSR and the Federation, and as such, we do have uniform, gear, and weapon restrictions.

    We have a strong community feeling on our team.  We generally get together outside of game days to have Team Meetings, BBQ’s, events, movie nights, and a whole lot more.  We strongly encourage all of the players to not only get involved with the team, but also to get involved with doing stuff with the group outside of the scope of the game.  

    If you are interested in playing for TAC4 Russia, you must send an e-mail to [email protected]  We have a semi closed door policy on the team.  There will be “open days” when everyone is allowed to come to the games, regardless of whether they are on the team or not.  Then there are “closed days” where only members of the Russian team, and people who have received permission are allowed to come.  (Unless specified, all game days are to be considered closed days)  During closed days you are still welcome to come, but you MUST first contact the team and inform them of your desire to come and play.  TAC4 Russia strongly encourages everyone to come out and play with us, and we love seeing new faces, but if you are coming on a closed day, please be prepared to wear Russian camo, become a Russian airsofter, and inform the team of your doing so.  If you show up at the meeting place unannounced be prepared to not play with the team that day.  

    Our team is primarily made up of a Border Guard and Spetznaz look.  However, these are just informal distinctions based on the most abundant camo patterns on the team.  If you want to play as a Spetznaz trooper, it does not mean you are superior in rank (which our team does not have), it does not make you a better soldier, a more valued player, nor are going to get special assignments and missions.  As a soldier on TAC4 you are equal to every and all of your team mates.  Which branch you would like to reenact only determines what uniform you will be wearing.

    This article will be broken up in to four sections outlining the basic requirements of Tac4 Russia: Uniforms, Gear, Weapons, and Logistics.  Each section will outline what is acceptable and what is not.  It will also provide you with guidelines and ideas for what you should buy and where it is possible to buy it.  

 * While we welcome every style of play on our team, please do not come to our games and tell us how we aren't using enough tactics, or how we could have done better.  If you have suggestions please feel free to bring them up with a team leader outside of the game, but please do not, at the beginning of a scenario, tell everyone what tactics you think we should be doing, or how we should make a battle plan.  We have team leaders to do that job, thank you very much.  ;)


    Unlike the US Military, the Russian forces do not have a single standard uniform for each military branch.  It is also very common for Russian soldiers to purchase their own gear and uniforms to supplement or replace issued gear.  What this means is that the Russians are often very mix-matched in uniforms and gear.  Russians also have a wide range of camouflage uniforms and patterns stretching from the very common Flora, to the rare Izlom.  Since we live in the US, Russian camo is also fairly expensive to buy and often has to be ordered from Russia.  While this is a major turn off for some people, Russian camo is also very well built, and a properly maintained set can last for years and years.  For our team, there is a large selection of uniforms that you are allowed to chose from.  

What is Acceptable

Common Patterns

Berezka is the most common camo pattern on our team. It is a direct descendant of the Spetsodezhda uniform develeoped solely for the Soviet Border Guard; and as such it is most common within these units. However Berezka remains a common sight within all branches of the military.  This camo is very effective in Utah terrain, especially in the juniper trees during the summer months.


Here are links to where you can acquire Berezka:



Here is a link to reproduction camo shipped from the US.  This is very similar to the actual Federation camo, and is available from the US for a much cheaper price ($65)

Repro Berezka


Kamysh is Russia's tiger-stripe pattern. It is common amongst the players on our team looking to emulate Spetsnaz soldiers.  It is available from many sites located in both Russia and the US.  It is about the same price as Berezka and works very well in both desert and woodland environments.  


Comrade Diezel showcasing Kamysh. 

Here are links to the camo from Red Forces:



Here is a link to the camo from Soviet Propaganda:

Full Set


Flora is one of Russia's more modern and common camouflage patterns introduced officially in 1998.  It’s also fairly common as a uniform on our team.  It’s a great pattern for Utah’s wooded environments.  It’s also relatively cheap and easy to come by.  However, it is not a camo pattern meant to be a US Woodland substitute, if you really want to wear US camo, go play for a US team.

Flora can be found many places: (NOTE: Attractive Model Sold Separately)

Red Forces:

Gen. I

Gen. II
(Both generations are the same pattern, just different cuts, please choose whichever you like)

The Russian Source Repro Flora

Flora on Soviet Propaganda

Uncommon Patterns

    There are many other patterns that are acceptable on our team some rarer than others.  These can include Urban Kamysh, Gorod, Gorka, VDV Suits, VSR, etc.  Here is a selection of camo that you can choose to mix or match with your uniform.  

Gorka Suits
vary greatly in design, cut and pattern that was meant for usage in harsh mountainous terrain.  The Gorka suits discussed here will be referring to the suits made by the company SPOSN, which are as follows:

  • GORKA-R:  The Standard Gorka suit, is mostly OD with Brown accents.  It has opens completely in the front like a normal jacket.
  • GORKA-S:  Is essentially the GORKA-R suit but it does not open completely in the front, but rather opens halfway down and has a center chest pocket.
  • GORKA-E:   Standard GORKA-R style cut but with patches of camouflage throughout. (Pictured Below) One can request a custom suit be made by SPOSN with any camouflage pattern.
  • GORKA-D:   Standard GORK-R style cut but with extra waterproof material to protect against rain.


NOTE: We allow GORKA-E with the following camouflage patterns:

  • Partizan (SS) Summer and Autumn
  • KLMK/Berezka
  • Flora

We do not allow solid Gorka suits (although you can wear the pants) or any digital camo other than KLMK/Berezka.

Gorka Suits on Soviet Propaganda

Urban (Shadow) Kamysh
is another pattern that is available to the Russian forces.  This pattern is very common with the OMON Police Force.  Currently if you would like to do an OMON impression, you must contact the Russian Team Leaders to gain permission. 

KLMK is an extremely common camouflage pattern that comes in a variety of different cuts and colors. It should be noted that KLMK suits are designed as oversuits, meaning they are design to be worn OVER something else.  As a result they are generally made of a light breathable material and generally are not the most durable suits.


Our Comrade Jaymsie displaying the KLMK oversuit.


KZS is a camouflage designed as a fire retardant.  It is made from a burlap-like material that is supposedly flame resistant. (None of us have actually tested the legitimacy of this claim... yet)  Like KLMK, it was designed as an oversuit so don't expect it to last forever.


*Note, KZS/KLMK suits are usually overpriced on ebay.  Never pay more than ~$30 for KZS and ~$50 for KLMK.


GOROD  is available usually in a heavier winter jacket. It is comfortable, relatively waterproof, and very warm.  It is a lifesaver in the winter months.  There are 2 distinctions of Gorod which are "Gorod" and "Gorod-1." Gorod-1 is very similar to Urban-Les and is NOT allowed on our team.  The pattern you are looking for is pictured below and is the urban SMK pattern.



 If you are interested in any of the other patterns of camouflage, please contact any of the Russian Team Leaders to find out if it is an acceptable camo. 


What is Not Acceptable

    There are various patterns that are not acceptable to wear on TAC4 Russia.  Most of these patterns are either too uncommon, do not fit with our theme, or are too similar to other countries' patterns.  If you have any doubt about weather the pattern you are interested in please contact the team leaders.

List of Non-Approved Camo:

Any US Made Camo or BDU (no black, OD, or TAN BDU)

Izlom/Skol: Izlom or Skol is a camouflage recently developed for MVD Vityaz.

TTsKO: A Russian designed camo that saw use in the 80's throughout the early federation years before becoming obsolete. An updated design is still in use today by the Ukrainian military.

Black Suits: Yes the Russians do utilize black suits as seen in units like FSB's Alfa Group, but a black suit is very out of place on the field and too generic to be allowed.

Flecktar and Flecktar-D: Russian copies of the German Flecktarn camouflage.

Les and Urban Les Camouflage: A camouflage pattern very similar to US Woodland, a little too similar for our likes.

Digital Flora: Russia's most recent camouflage development. It utilizes the 3 color Flora color scheme with added black all blended into a digital wasteland.

Smog: The Russian version of the British DPM camouflage.

WWII Era Soviet Uniforms: We are a post-Great Patriotic War Russian team, thus although some uniforms of the Great Patriotic War were carried over into much later years, one would look very out of place with them amongst other members of the team.


Other Items

    There are a few other items that are standard on the Russian team.  Mostly concerning headwear, undershirts, and boots.

First off, part of any Russian's uniform is a Telnyashka or Striped Shirt.  These are mandatory to be on Tac4 Russia, especially if you do not plan on playing in a BDU jacket the whole time.  We do not allow people to play in camouflage pants and a plain t-shirt.  During the summer months it can get hot, and often times players like to ditch their camo tops.  Telny’s are the only way you can play without a BDU jacket or appropriate camouflage vest on.  You are allowed to buy them in any color depending what division of the Russian armed forces impression you want to do. The colors and their appropriate divisions are as follows: 

  • LIGHT BLUE - VDV, the Russian Airborne.
  • GREEN - The Russian Border Guard
  • DARK BLUE - The Russian Navy
  • BLACK - The Russian Naval Infantry (Marines)
  • MAROON* - MVD Spetsnaz and other Elite units.

    *It is possible to buy maroon/red striped shirts, but this is not encouraged.  Red Berets and shirts are a mark of the highest honour in Russia. Soldiers who wear the red have undergone and passed a rigorous training regiment and have earned their right to wear it, an honor that few receive.  Just like in America it is offensive to wear a Green Beret without earning it, it is offensive to many members of the Russian military to wear the Red Beret and the Red Telnyashka.   

Boots are a grey area with the team.  Russian’s are as crazy with their footwear as they are with their camo.  In general, if you want to wear real Russian boots, go for it, but most of us wear plain black tactical boots bought at Big 5, they are waterproof, comfortable and most importantly: affordable!  Any sort of tactical boots work.  Black is preferred, but tan is acceptable.  However, Russian forces also LOVE Adida’s shoes.  It was very common to see Russian forces wearing Adida’s Samba’s and Gazelles (as well as Russian copies of these shoes).  Many of us wear them during the summer months.  Please avoid wearing plain sneakers however.  

     There are a few good places to look for boots.  75% of the team wears the discount tactical boots sold at Big 5.  They are black, waterproof, and about $30 bucks.  LA Police Gear, Magnum, Converse, and Merrel also make good boots.  As always your welcome to buy and wear a pair of Soviet or Russian boots, just be prepared to pay more for them.  If you have a question about boots please email one of the team leaders, and we'd be happy to clarify for you any questions you may have.  

    Head Wear is the final part of the uniform.  Our standard headgear is either a green headwrap/bandana or a Soviet Panama hat.  Panama hats are fairly easy to find, and are often ordered in bulk by our group.  Headwraps can be purchased from Russia, or made from an old t-shirt.  We generally have a few sitting around so feel free to ask about them when you joint the team.  Please no leather headwraps, we are not the Hell's Angels.

Headwear varies from helmets to cowboy hats.  Here is a rough list of some of the headwear available to you.

  • SSh40 Helmet - Originally used during The Great Patriotic War (WWII) but still in sparse use today.
  • SSh60 Helmet - The updated version of the SSh40 with a more comfortable liner but same shell design.
  • SSh68 Helmet - A more conical steel helmet utilizing the same liner as the SSh60.
  • STSh81 'Sfera' Helmet - A mostly Titanium helmet no longer in production. It resembles a sphere
  • STSh94 'Sfera' Helmet - An updated heavier Steel version of the STSh81.
  • Maska-1 Helmet - A steel helmet with visor made of steel w/ a glass viewport and later an all glass visor.
  • Maska-1Sh Helmet - The Maska-1 with a steel visor without the glass viewport and a small slit in its place.
  • Kepi - Small caps with ear flaps that can be folded up. They come in many camo patterns.
  • Ushanka - The cliche 'Russian Fur Hat' with foldable flaps that protect the area around the wearer's head.

    There are various other forms of headgear available, but to wear them you need approval from the team.  As a rule of thumb, camo panama and 'cowboy' hats are reserved for the officers of the team.  However, if you find a hat you absolutely must have, just ask one of the leaders, I'm sure we could work something out. 

Places to Find Camo:
www.redforces.com - Located in Russia.  One of the best websites to find odd ball items.  In the past there were issues ordering from this site, but recently, everything has been good.  Has both gear and camo.
www.soviet-propaganda.com - Also located in Russia.  Another great site to order items from.  Has both gear and camo.  
stores.ebay.com/The-Russian-Source - Located in the US.  Has all the reproduction camo from Russia.  Sells Russian Camo vests (discussed in the next section).  Also occasionally specialty items.  
www.redsoldier.com - Has some items, but make sure to call their land line to place a number.  They have been iffy in the past.

*There are many other sites on the internet to order from.  However, do this at your own risk.  Many of the sites located on ebay and the internet are run by scam artists or have been inactive for years.  The best way to save time and money is just not to order from them.



There has been some questions about patches being used on the team.  Here is the “official” patch guidelines for the team.  

The Unit Patch goes on the left sleeve, the Division Patch (Boarder Guard, Spetznaz, VDV, etc.) on the right, Division Breast Patch over the right breast pocket, and Blood Patch over the left breast pocket.  However, it is not very common to see breast pockets worn in combat, they tend to be only for Parade uniforms.  If you choose not to wear them (most of us don’t) you will still look the part of a Russian soldier  

These are a few of the patches acceptable for our team:

 Left Arm


    Soviet Boarder Guard Patch                     Soviet VDV Patch                   Federation Armed Forces Patch


          Federation Intelligence Patch                       Federation VDV Patch                        Federation VDV Patch


 Right Arm

**The TAC4 Russian team has our own Division patch that we ask everyone to wear.  When you become a core player on the team, you will be presented this patch by the Team Leaders**

 Left Breast





What is Acceptable

    Almost any form of gear made by the Russians is acceptable for use on TAC4 Russia.  There are various types of gear made by Russia that can be purchased from various online sites.  The most commonly found are as follows:

M23 Pioneer Vest
M22/32 Tarzan Vest

As a general rule of thumb OD gear is encouraged on our team.  Flora is also an acceptable pattern to be used.  Any gear in LES is strongly discouraged as it is to close to US Woodland.  Black gear is not allowed unless you have been given special permission from the team leaders.

                                   M23 Pioneer Vest                              6sh92-5 Vest (Similar to Grad-2)

                                                  SMERSH Rig                                                Lifchik

Russian Reproduction Vests
    Another great vest is a reproduction vest sold by The Russian Source on Ebay.  It is made in various camo patterns, but it is best if the vest is bought in the Berezka pattern.  During the summer, this vest can be worn over just a basic t-shirt.  This is the only time that it is ok to wear no BDU jacket and skip on wearing the Russian Striped Shirt.  Please though, wear a simple green or tan shirt.  Don’t wear a black shirt, or shirts with your favorite large graphic.  We’re trying to go for a specific, professional look, and we don’t like when our pictures are ruined because someone is wearing an bright green shirt with an angry dragon on it.  


Non-Russian Made Vests
    We understand that not everyone will be able to fork over $100+ bucks for a vest, especially after buying camo.  Here are a few items that are acceptable to wear in place of a Russian:
Simple Chest Rig in either OD (preferred) or Tan (No black, US Woodland, ACU, or any other non-Russian camo pattern)
For Simple Tactical Vests in OD, it is recommended that you choose the extra mag pouches over the pistol pouch (no MOLLE* whatsoever, no black, tan or other Non-Russian camo pattern.

Chest Rig


 Please remember that these are only temporary substitutions.  Eventually we want you to buy a Russian vest.  Again, this isn’t a way to cut corners on your Russian impression.  This is just a simple way to help you temporarily look Russian when you first join the team without you spending a lot of money. 


What is Not Allowed

     We do not allow most generic tactical gear.  That means, no MOLLE gear whatsoever*.  Not tactical rigs, plate carriers, RRV, RAV, preferably no drop legs holsters, etc.  Please don’t even ask. Think about it yourself, we are a Russian team, why would we allow American gear?  If you absolutely must use your tactical gear, there are many teams in the state of Utah that embrace the tactical US/PMC look, we recommend trying to get with one of those teams instead. With such cheap options available ($15 for a chest rig, and $40 for a vest) there is no reason for you to not get one.  

There are always vests on the market that are similar enough to Russian rigs that can be used as a temporary substitute that we do not know about.  As always, if you have a question about if it should be acceptable, please contact one of the team leaders and ask.  If we think that it’s similar to a Russian rig, then we may allow you to play with it.  

As a general rule, please pay us the respect that we deserve when coming to our games.  It’s obvious that during your first few games, you may not be able to come in a full Russian load-out.  We completely understand.  During your first few games, just try your best to look Russian with what you have, and we will do our best to equip you.  However, if you do not make the effort to get camo and gear after a few games, you will be required to talk to the team leaders and seek some sort of arrangement.  


*It should be noted that the Russians do have their own version of modular gear that is similar to but not exact to the US MOLLE system.  If a Russian vest that you  have purchased has this modular webbing on it, it is OKAY to use again as long as it is a Russian vest AND it has been cleared by one of the leaders (just to be sure).


    Since this is a Russian team, we require Russian guns.  Everyone on the Russian team needs to at least own an AK or otherwise Russian gun.  We respect your super upgraded G36, or the most awesome M4 in the world, but on our team, you need to own a Russian gun as a sort of primary weapon.  That being said it doesn't mean you can't use your M4 in-game ever, simply we want the Russians on our team to have a Russian gun as a primary. It's just common sense.  Here are but a few wonderful Russian gun models to choose from:
AK100 Series
RPK Support Gun
Type 56, 56-1, 56-2 (These are Chinese AK's, but are acceptable)

    These guns can all be acquired from various companies.  If you looking for a high end replica brands to look into are Tokyo Marui, LCT, Guarder, Real Sword, and VFC.  If you are looking for a cheaper option, CYMA and DBOYS both make good replica guns.  If you’ve never purchased an AEG before, contacting the Team Leaders or the sales team at Weapon Blender can both provide you with great information on buying a gun.  
    Another great idea is to show up at a game and ask around.  The Russian team has virtually every make and model of AK around, and would be more than happy to talk to you about guns.  If you talk to individual players you can also sometimes get a chance to play with a specific gun before you actually buy one.  This is recommended as you can get a chance to play with a gun before you actually have to buy one.

What is Not Allowed

     NO TACTICAL AKs.  The Russian forces with the exception of some very specialized units do not use tactical rails on their AKs and neither do we.  If you have a tactical AK, do not toss it, it may be possible to find a wood or synthetic kit to put on it.  However, do not buy an AK with rails and then expect us to allow you to use it, just because you bought it.  If your AK has weaver or picatinny rails and a bunch of useless tacticool accessories, it’s best that you find a way to remove them, or to consider buying a new gun.  

    Please do not expect to be allowed to play with your M4, M16, AUG, P90, M14, SAW, M60, etc. as your primary weapon.  We understand that you may have spent a lot of hard earned money on your guns, but again, we are a Russian team and have specific gun requirements.

Sniper Rifles

    We do not allow people to use sniper rifles unless you are a core player on the Russian team.  To be a core player on our team, you have to have played with us for a few games, be accepted onto the team and earn the respect of the other players.  Mainly, you have to prove that you are an honest, trustworthy player.  We’ve just had too many near misses with players recently with high powered rifles, to risk allowing everyone to play with high powered rifles.  Please feel free to come and play with us a few games, and then ask permission to play with your sniper.


    Since there are no Russian airsoft pistols currently in production, please feel free to use whatever you want as far as handguns go.  There are many companies that make some great pistols.  Tokyo Marui, KWA, KSC, Western Arms, WE, etc all make great pistols that we all love.  As with everything else, our whole team would be more than happy to provide opinions on what is best to buy.  

Playing For TAC4 Russia


    We strongly encourage anyone interested to come out to our games and play with us.  The team is made up of people who enjoy playing airsoft for the fun of it, and who enjoy getting excited about a theme.  We also love to geek out with each other about guns, gear, camo, and anything else that we enjoy.  Keep in mind that we are a fairly open team.  Many of our players do not take a conventional approach to airsoft.  Most of us do not treat this as a real life military simulation.  If you are looking for a team with rank structures, scenarios that push you to the extremes, or a competitive environment, then there are a plethora of teams in Utah that may meet your requirements.  The majority of us are also not super tactical throat-mic clad silent army-crawling players with an arsenal of ridiculous hand-signals. Instead, the majority of us are very aggressive frontline shock-troops.  This does not mean that we don’t allow tactical players, far from it as we welcome every style of play, but do not come to the games expecting everyone to treat this like a real life military operation.  
    The team is the first priority for everyone on TAC4 Russia.  Everyone on the team supports their fellow comrades around them.  One of the requirements of joining the team is the support of the team itself.  If you are just looking for a group of people to shoot bb’s at during the weekend, then TAC4 Russia is no right for you.  If it becomes clear that you don’t have respect for the team, or have no intention of joining the team then you may be asked to leave.  Airsoft can be a dangerous game and we do not allow people to show up to the games with the sole intention of blasting away at our team.  When on field, we also do not tolerate cheaters or people who constantly push the limits of the rules.  We are a team, and as such, everyone’s actions reflect on the team both in a negative and positive way.  When you cheat, or allow someone else to cheat, it gives the team a bad name, and that is something that we will not tolerate.  

    We also want everyone to realize that this is a Russian team (surprise!) and as such we are require that you get down with your inner Russian during the games.  If you are interested in joining the team, please ask yourself if you can see yourself playing as a Russian soldier.  If you are absolutely  horrified by the idea of being Russian or are buying Flora camo only because it looks like US Woodland, then maybe it’s time to consider another team.  We are, in essence, a club of people and we will require you to be a Russian.  If you don’t want to play as a Russian, please show the team some respect and don’t show up thinking that you can change us, or that we will make an exception to the rules.  We will always have open days where you can come and play with us without having to commit to the team.

    If you’ve stuck with us this long, congratulations, we’re finally going to discuss joining the team. After you've played a five games with us, bought your camo, and been voted on to the team (usually a simple process) you are now a full member of the team.  You should be well on your way to purchasing an AK (if you haven’t already) and looking at some form of Russian gear.  You’ve also probably decided by this time if you really want to play for the team or not.  The team does, however, have final say on who plays with us.  This is not Call of Duty, there is no arbitrary number of kills or games you have to achieve to become one of us.  After five games, if you do not feel part of the team, then maybe it's time to consider playing with another group.  

*TAC4 Russia reserves the rights to vote on any players membership if the team sees need of it.*

In Conclusion

    Please feel free to address any and all questions you have to the TAC4 Russian Team Leaders.  We would all be more than happy to discuss anything that you may want about the team.  Please feel free to come out to one of our games and experience our special brand of airsoft.  Even if you don’t have any of the requirements on the list, contact one of us.  We can always find a way to get you into the game in some form or another, and will do everything in our power to make sure you have a great time.  
    If you have never played airsoft before please contact one of us before you buy anything.  Most new airsofters make the mistake of buying gear that they think will help them or is important, but ultimately ends up costing money and sitting in the closet.  All of us have done it.  It’s hard to resist the urge to buy camo, gear, pistols, aeg, boots, etc all before you come and play a game.  Please trust us when we say that it’s best to buy simple and work your way up.  Many people go out and buy a full vest and boots, only to find out that they really only like chest rigs and Samba’s.  Please have fun, and we hope to see you on the field soon.


Finally, as a bit of a disclaimer, all of us on Tac4 Russia are just as American as the next guy. Despite the usage of props such as the Soviet flag and Soviet-Era impressions, none of us embody a communist ideal nor are we here to trod on any beliefs whatsoever, we're all simply here to have fun.


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